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平凡な日常を絶賛満喫中の女子高生 私こと、朝霧アサギ
Simple and easy to start with no need for lychemala Simple simulation RPG
During the tutorial we are holding a tutorial gacha where we can redraw as many times as I want before hitting a favorite character! !

■ What is Makai Wars
In 2004, the character “Asagi” was announced as “the hero of the next work” from Nippon Ichi Software.
“Asagi” was supposed to flutter as a hero to the world without any problems. However, no matter how many years Asagi made the main character work, the time of thirteen years has flowed once … …
And 2018 … Finally Asagi delivers the hero’s game “Makai Wars”!
Disgaea series exceeding 3 million copies worldwide and smartphone game “Kurasu Dorushiru” exceeding 6 million downloads in total total superiority! ! Here is the unanimously combined work “Makai Wars” is born! !

■ Story
A girls high school student who is praising mediocre everyday I, Asagiri Asagi
One day I was enjoying the peace One day, when I woke up with a strange dream … what a place there was “Makai”!
Suddenly the mysterious goddess “Freya” that appeared suddenly said “Fight!” Or “You are God”, get involved in various things, it is already hard!
I do not quite understand it, but I guess that it has been bad! ! This is my story! ! !


Information of 【SRPG】魔界ウォーズ 01.28.00

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Apk name : 【SRPG】魔界ウォーズ
Mod Apk Version : 01.28.00
System Requirements : Android 4.4+
Install : 100,000+
Playstore Rating : 9.4
Latest Update : 2020-02-26

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