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Japanese High School Simulator like a Open world game PLUS Rogue like action shooter
yamada tries to solve a reason of appearing of monster from another world.
yamada will be involved in a intrigue of unknown organization ‘GAFA’

Check a statue in a school, and the world becomes another world.
And then find the statue and knock a boss down!
Before knock the boss down, get enforce items from treasure boxes, fight zako enemies and level up.
But, if it takes time, enemies become power-up.

Let’s customize your character freely with a feature of making avatar.
Lots of achievements

I used google translation for in-game localization as short development.
I plan to localize.
Sorry for inconvenience.

main missions ( will be added by update
sub missions ( will be added by update
lots of achievements

If you talk and present to students and animals and citizens, and become friends, they start to fight with you.
Let’s keep a piece of city with co-operation.

You can’t afford to buy presents?
Try part time job or sell a dropped items, and get money.

You want to grab money from students or citizens!?
If you attack citizens, police starts to chase you.

***I plan to add features by continuous updates.
2/28 fixed bugs
2/25 loading resources become stable
2/22 change a logic of loading resources
2/21 fixed mesh collapse bug
2/19 fixed bugs
2/17 fixed bugs( big change
2/12 fixed effect bug
2/9 fixed bugs
2/8 cutscene
2/4 fixed bugs. tweak game balance
1/30 added katana. fixed bugs
1/29 a boss in another world has new attacks. fixed bugs
1/24 support 32bit os
1/21 Break shop terminal and get spawnded item, then you become a thief
Stop connecting if bad network environment

Information of After School Simulator 0.50

Download  0.50 version of  After School Simulator APK today and start your journey.

Apk name : After School Simulator
Mod Apk Version : 0.50
System Requirements : Android 6.0+
Install : 1,000+
Playstore Rating :
Latest Update : 2020-02-25

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After School Simulator APK

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