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不但可以綁定多個圖書館借閱多館書籍,也可同時搜尋Airiri Library華藝線上圖書館的文章與期刊,滿足您學術閱讀與知識探索的需求,歡迎立即下載使用!

秉持著推廣閱讀的理念,2008年推出iRead eBoook華藝電子書,精心挑選優良的華文書籍,並透過獨家數位化製程讓書籍內容以數位形式推廣。
發展至今,iRead eBooks華藝電子書收錄近3000家出版社、逾80,000本繁體中文電子書,已成為台灣規模最大的中文電子書平台!

Airiti Reader 特色
– 帳號整合:一個Airiti個人帳號,通行iRead eBook華藝電子書與Airiri Library華藝線上圖書館。
– 跨文獻類別學術服務:整合電子書與期刊論文資源,為學術研究提供完整支援。
– 關鍵字與關聯詞聯合檢索:探索廣泛的知識,提高搜尋電子資源的效率與正確性。
– 流暢便利的閱讀體驗:新增劃線、筆記、摘要功能,滿足學習需求。
– 支援多媒體閱讀:有聲書可隨看隨聽,亦提供影片播放功能。
– 圖書館電子書館際合作:透過跨館借閱共享電子書資源,擴大可使用的電子書數量。
– 跨載具閱讀即時同步:閱讀紀錄、筆記與畫線、最近閱讀等均即時同步,可同時於多載具閱讀電子資源。
– 彈性的個人設定:可新增圖書館、選擇下載檔案類型、設定圖書館書籍分類排序,滿足您的閱讀偏好。


iRead eBook 華藝電子書
服務時間:週一~週五 AM9:00~PM6:00

Not only can you bind multiple libraries to borrow multiple books, but you can also search for articles and journals of Airiri Library online library to meet your academic reading and knowledge exploration needs. Download now!

Huayi Digital Co., Ltd. was established in 2000, with the art database as the main axis, and then spanned the academic field, and successively constructed journals, papers, e-books and other database products.
Adhering to the concept of promoting reading, in 2008, iRead eBoook Huayi e-book was launched, carefully selected excellent Chinese books, and the content of books was promoted in digital form through an exclusive digital process.
Up to now, iRead eBooks Huayi e-book has nearly 3,000 publishers and more than 80,000 traditional Chinese e-books. It has become the largest Chinese e-book platform in Taiwan!

Airiti Reader Features
– Account integration: an Airiti personal account, access to iRead eBook Huayi e-book and Airiri Library Huayi online library.
– Cross-documentary academic services: Integrate e-books and journal articles to provide complete support for academic research.
– Joint search of keywords and related words: Explore a wide range of knowledge and improve the efficiency and correctness of searching for electronic resources.
– Smooth and convenient reading experience: Add lines, notes, and digests to meet your learning needs.
– Support multimedia reading: audio books can be watched and played, and video playback is also available.
– Library e-library collaboration: Expand the number of e-books available by borrowing and sharing e-book resources across the library.
– Cross-carrier reading and instant synchronization: reading records, notes and lines, recent readings, etc. are instantly synchronized, and can read electronic resources in multiple vehicles at the same time.
– Flexible personal settings: add libraries, choose to download file types, and set up library books to sort your books to suit your reading preferences.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact customer service in the following ways:

Huayi Digital Co., Ltd.
iRead eBook Huayi eBook
Customer Service Mailbox:
Customer service line: 0800-000747 (free line); +886-2-29266006
Service hours: Monday to Friday AM9:00~PM6:00
Facebook fan professional:

All readers are welcome to send us a letter about the problems encountered, your opinion will be the driving force for our progress!

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Apk name : Airiti Reader
Mod Apk Version : 2.2
System Requirements : Android 6.0+
Install : 1,000+
Playstore Rating :
Latest Update : 2020-03-13

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