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Animal Evolution Game : Hybrid Spore Mutation is a unique, top-down evolution game, a simulator of our planet’s biology. Morphing into different creatures just became fun!

You start as a single cell organism. Your task is to grow bigger and follow one of the mutation trees. Unlock all the available mutations and become the strongest creature of the planet. Morphing animals into more evolved creatures can be really fun.

Eat tasty creatures until you gain enough mass to evolve from a single cell organism into a more evolved living organism of the zoology kingdom. Mutate and feed the spore in order to morph into different species or creatures that own special abilities. Follow the evolution course of the zoology kingdom from bacteria to mammals. After that, conquer the planet and the deep blue ocean.

Right now, you can unlock 40 creature life forms and tasty species. Complete puzzles and missions in order to collect dna sequences.

Evolve your single cell spore into a more evolved organism (a hybrid animal) in order to be able to eat bigger tasty creatures and become the strongest creature of this simulator of the earth. More mutations and dna samples (collectables) are coming soon! This calm simulator game can help you understand how life on earth was created and evolved through the years! It’s a calm and easy simulation game which can help you relax.

You can evolve into a pet of the biology kingdom or create your virtual aquarium by collecting sea creatures. Eat smaller creatures to discover the food chain of this ecosystem. Follow the spore evolution, grow big and mutate into a bigger sea creatures in order to conquer the ocean too!

Animal Evolution : Simulator Game tips 📋:

● Speak to the other hybrid creatures, they may have a mission for you!
● Collect dna sequences to help friendly creature species morph.
● Morph into more complicated life forms to eat bigger tasty creatures within the zoology app. Climb up the food chain!
● The game can also help younger people undestand life on earth!

You can find the list of the 40 creature and hybrid animal evolutions of our simulation game below:

👀 Single Cell (Spore)
👀 Tadpole
🐸 Froglet
🐸 Frog
🦎 Lizard
🐍 Snake
🐢 Turtle
🐜 Ant
🕷️ Spider
🦂 Scorpion
🦞 Lobster
🐛 Worm
🐛 Caterpillar
🐛 Larva
🐌 Snail
👀 Pupa
👀 Cocoon
🦀 Crab
🐝 Bee
🐝 Wasp
🦋 Butterfly
🐁 Mouse
🐁 Squirrel
🦝 Raccoon
👀 Red Panda
🐼 Panda
🦊 Fox
🐕 Dog
🐈 Cat
🐈 Lynx
🦁 Lion

Find the entrance to the deep blue ocean level and unlock 9 more evolutions to morph into, unlock new hybrid species, discover new dna challenges and a lot of hybrid creatures and organisms of our planet ‘s ocean. Collect the below ocean creatures:

🐠 Goldfish
🐠 Clownfish
🐟 Piranha
🐟 Swordfish
🐟 Tuna
🐬 Dolphin
🦈 Shark
🐋 Blue Whale
🐋 Orca

This calm game offers a simulation of centuries of mutation of earth’s known zoology. From bacteria to predators, you’ll find yourself playing as different mammals, reptiles or sea creatures. The bacteria mutation over the centuries, sure did its magic! Have fun and learn the basics of zoology. Morph into different creatures in order to climb on the food chain and conquer the earth!

Explore the simulation of earth’s biology kingdom. Start as bacteria. Then, eat and grow to become stronger. After a while you’ll be able to morph into bigger creatures of our known biology.

Download this simulator game and get a chance to follow the mutation trees, collect dna sequences and learn about life on earth. Eat tasty animal species and single cell organisms to get big! You can also use this evolve game to learn about natural selection, earth’s food chain and more!

Play this calm evolution game to relax and enjoy the simulation of the biology of our planet. Learn about natural selection, biology food chain and the secrets of how the life on earth evolved! Morphing into different creatures just became fun!

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