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A puzzle game that will challenge your brain and provide hours of time killing fun! Find your way to the end of these sadistically addictive and twisty mazes, and do it quickly and without too many moves!

Easy to learn and fun to play, there are over 600 levels for you to conquer, and when you’re done with those, you can test your abilities with a countdown timer. Play it on the bus, play it on the train, play it everywhere!

It’s not just any maze, it’s ArrowMazing!

Easy gameplay:
Tap to change colour. Swipe in the direction of any arrow of your current colour to follow that arrow. Get to the end quickly for three stars!

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Two new completely unlocked level packs with 100 levels each!

* Red And Blue levels – Can sometimes still trip you up!
* 10 X 10 levels of progressively increasing difficulty

Information of ArrowMazing

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Apk name : ArrowMazing
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System Requirements :
Install : 100,000+
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ArrowMazing APK

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