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Once upon a time, a very beautiful chicken lived on one of the farms, Her name was Chicky and she was the most beautiful chicken of the farm. All the roosters were around her and trying to win her heart. Chicky had a single wish from the rooster that could be with him, and that a contest with him could catch him, but that is all No rooster has ever ventured, but the rooster named Roo, who fell in love with Chicky, said okay for the love of this race, but in this race, Chicky and Roo would need a lot of help, and this is how the love adventure started.

Heart bomb: It is not so easy to fall in love. Can you beat your heart to win your love? This heart will help you a lot to win what you love, but watch out for the corners.

Egyptian missile: Leaving your loved one on the roads is not worthy of bravery, Aşık Roo is the best way to shoot your loved one out of its stomach.

Chicks: A bit of courage is sometimes needed in a love story to be won, but watch out for these chicks, it can turn your love around and out of the way.

Poultry Shield: Love can be brutal sometimes, sometimes there is a need to take a break on the road, so keep your plug shield on track.

ZıpZıp: You can knock over the mountains for your love, but you cannot pass the obstacles in front of you, it is very useful for you to easily pass all the obstacles in front of your love.

Egg: No need to annoy Chicky, but if you get angry, he has a strong firepower with his egg.

Perform 33 different missions and win surprise rewards. Run for the longest time, catch your love and catch your love and prove to everyone that you are the best lover by ranking in the Top Players Rankings!

Moreover, Chicky Love – Multiplayer support is coming soon. Continue to follow us!
Minor Bug Fixes.

Information of Chicky Love Run 0.2.0

Download  0.2.0 version of  Chicky Love Run APK today and start your journey.

Apk name : Chicky Love Run
Mod Apk Version : 0.2.0
System Requirements : Android 4.4+
Install : 50+
Playstore Rating :
Latest Update : 2020-02-26

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