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*Service on devices with Android 5.1.1 or below has been terminated. Please do not delete download items if your device is affected. For any technical support, please email

Presented with solemnity by Chinese Bible International Limited!

The Chinese Bible App is a multi-function App which offers a massive selection of Bible versions, Bible dictionaries, Bible maps, study notes, daily devotionals, audio materials, application commentaries and reading plans, etc. Users can group different Bible versions, dictionaries and Bible study materials as their own reading resources. You may display different Bible versions and reading materials at the same time and compared them with each other. Also, the operation is so user-friendly that readers can enjoy a comfortable and convenient reading experience. We hope that the Chinese Bible App can help you understand our God and the Bible deeper and more comprehensively.

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– Auto typesetting and parallelism
– Parallel Mode: clear paragraph and poetry form
– Verse per line: easier to compare verses line by line
– Top-down Parallel windows: easier to compare the paragraph format of two versions.
– Left-right Parallel windows: easier to compare the words and terms of two versions.
– Portrait and Landscape mode are free to choose
– Multi-touch Zoom: to change font sizes easily.
– Fast scroll: touch the right-hand side of the screen and move to the relevant verses quickly.
– Left Right Flip: flip left for the next chapter and right for the previous chapter.
– Tapping for notes: interpret the meaning of the source text better
– Verse link in Note: for users to keep on searching for relevant information
– Multi Dictionaries Search: list out items collected by multiple dictionaries.
– Verse link in Dictionary: for users to keep on searching for relevant verses and words
– Bible Google Map: It links up with the function of Google Map to show you the location of places mentioned in the relevant chapters. You can also check the meaning of places you’ve chosen in the dictionary.
– History: When you re-open the App, it will automatically go back to the page you read last time. You can also go to the history to search for the scripture you’ve read before.
– Bookmark: note down your reading trace
– Key word search: search for key words, the searching items will be highlighted in red.
– Self note: note down your reading experience
-Highlight: highlight your favorite scriptures with different colours
-Social sharing: share scripture through Whatspp, Facebook, Email and SMS etc.

-Provides different items for purchasing and downloading without charge
-Update items by adding different Bible versions, dictionaries, study notes and devotionals materials etc.
-All purchased items are linked with Google Play account.
-As long as you’re using the same account to download the App, your data will still be remain, even though you have deleted the App or use other Android devices. Just download the free App again, the data will be there.

~Free Items~

Chinese Bible
– Union Version
English Bible:
– KJV with strong number and morphology
Greek Bible:
– Septuagint LXX with strong number and morphology
Hebrew bible:
Chinese and English Bible Google Map (link to all places listed in the Bible) (Wed-based)
-Strong’s Dictionary
– International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)
– Robinson Morphology Analysis Codes
– Packard Morphology Analysis Codes for LXX
Evangelism Materials:
– How to be a Christian?
– CBI Youtube Channel (Wed-based)
Daily Devotional:
-Self-organized Bible reading plans
1. 微調夜間模式
2. 在經文閱讀按原文編碼後,下方選擇字典內容時,在右方新增「更多」功能,以顯示字典詳細內容

Information of Chinese Bible 1.92

Download  1.92 version of  Chinese Bible APK today and start your journey.

Apk name : Chinese Bible
Mod Apk Version : 1.92
System Requirements : Android 6.0+
Install : 100,000+
Playstore Rating :
Latest Update : 2020-03-11

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