Compass, Torch light flash for samsung phone 1.5.2 APK MOD For Android

Download Compass, Torch light flash for samsung phone 1.5.2 MOD APK

A high power, free led torch bulb app. An extra powerful and rechargeable LED Flashlight App.
This Torch light uses the built-in camera flash to make this torch light more powerful and focused. The beam light of the Flashlight is much focused. This is the brightest, simple and very useful camera led torch flashlight app. Now search your things in dark with this torch light more easily.
Use SOS / strobe features to make it more productive and useful. This Tiny Flashlight is one of the best productivity tools.

Try this free rechargeable torch light on the market!

★★★ Features ★★★
✔ Use built-in device Camera LED flashlight as a light source. LED Torch
✔ Its FREE Download Flashlight + Torch Bulbs App!
✔ A real LED flashlight + lantern
✔ Extra bright flashlight with supper beam light
✔ Power up this Led Torch App during selfie
✔ A flashlight, which is always available when you need it.
✔ Builtin SOS, Strobe / Blinking

Cool flashlight effect with emergency lights
Police used to have blue-colored emergency lights but after a recent restock of vehicles, now the use of both blue and red color is usual. Fire Departments make use of red only emergency light while ambulances either use red or both colors. You can have a planet of emergency lights effects using this ultimate torch bulb app.
Free Compass App
=>Compass GPS Navigation shows south, North directions very accurate and fast.
=> This GPS compass application perfect work in park & hicking.
=> Best for travels and tracking activities.
=> work great for scouts finding station or spot.
=> Pocket compass Application runs smoothly.
=> compass application uses compass sensonr of smart phone.
=> True north can easily locate anywhere or anytime in the world.
=> Essential application for outdoor fun like fishing, boating, hiking, picnic, camping and journeys.
✔ Police Lights Ultimate:
Use your phone to display lights effects like a Police Car with three different Police light colors (UK, USA,RA)
✔ Traffic Lights: :
A very simple and cool llight effect! Display Traffic lights to simulate Traffic signals ( Red, Green,Blue)
✔ Ambulance Light:
Ambulance uses of red only emergency light! Make your device an ambulance light with different standards in different countries (UK, USA, and RA)
✔ Candle Light:
Use Candle light effect as your torch light at night or on a romantic dinner.
✔ Colorful Disco Torch Light:
Disco Torch Light effect is a Unique,Colorful and Disco light features
✔ Dotmatrix LED scrolling Display Simulator:
LED scrolling display allows you to write a message, select the speed, Text color, flashing and move the text to the sides. A real LED scroller simulator
✔ Night Bulb (Night Lamp) :
Light Bulb is a handy screen lamp. It can be use as an alternative way of camera flash on devices that doesn’t have camera LED. swap the screen to adjust the brightness and color of light bulb
✔ Multi Color Screen Light:
Use your mobile screen as a colorful torch light with five default colors. You can change the screen color, brightness, color oppacity
✔ Strobe blinking / Torch bulb Feature:
Fast On/off Torch light with a single button, however some old android devices takes time to turn on the camera led
✔ Low Battery Indication / power save:
Auto off Torch light when your mobile battery is very low, you can adjust battery low level settings
✔ Auto Turn on Torch light on Application startup:
✔ Auto off Torch on App exit:
✔ Turn On/Off Flashlight lock screen widget:
Turn Torch bulb On/Off during when your mobile phone is locked
Bug Fixes

Information of Compass, Torch light flash for samsung phone 1.5.2

Download  1.5.2 version of  Compass, Torch light flash for samsung phone APK today and start your journey.

Apk name : Compass, Torch light flash for samsung phone
Mod Apk Version : 1.5.2
System Requirements : Android 4.0.3+
Install : 500,000+
Playstore Rating :
Latest Update : 2017-10-06

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Compass, Torch light flash for samsung phone APK

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