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content of the book are as follows :-

Articles of Faith

Atonement, The

Apostacy of the Primitive Church


Angel of the Lord

Angels, Ministering

Angels, Fallen

Apostles—The First Presidency and Twelve

Apostles, The Twelve

Baptism, Necessity of

Baptism, Mode of

Baptism, Object of

Baptism for the Dead

Book of Mormon—Evidences of its Divine Authenticity

Book of Mormon Chronology

Christ’s Second Coming

Christ’s Church, Name of

Consecration, Stewardship, United Order

Church Chronology

Dispensation of the Fulness of Times

Destruction of the Wicked

Evangelists, or Patriarchs

Fall of Adam, The

Free Agency of Man

Faith in God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost

Faith in the Holy Priesthood, Necessity of

Faith in Continual Revelation


Gathering of Israel

Gods, Plurality of

God a Personage

God, The True and Living

Gems from History of Joseph Smith

Israel a chosen people

Joseph Smith, as a Fulfiller of Bible Prophecies

Joseph Smith, as a Fulfiller of Book of Mormon Prophecies

Joseph Smith, as a Fulfiller of His Own Prophecies

Jerusalem of the Eastern Hemisphere, The

Jerusalem, New

Laying on of Hands for Ordination

Laying on of Hands for the Gift of the Holy Ghost

Laying on of Hands for Healing the Sick

Latter-day Saints’ Emigration

Marriage—A Divine Institution, and designed to be Eternal

Marriage—Plurality of Wives


Millennial Reign


Ordinances, Covenants, etc., Eternal

Priesthood, The Holy

Priesthood, Aaronic

Priesthood, Patriarchal

Pre-existence of Spirits

Passover, or Sacrament


Remission of Sins

Resurrection, The

Resurrection at Christ’s Resurrection

Resurrection at the Second Coming of Christ
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