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After discovering that you have supernatural abilities, you are recruited by a secret division of the police and team up with a handsome group of superhuman investigators to thwart the schemes of a mysterious vigilante organization.


“If you value anyone… Or anything precious… You must seek alliances with CAT.”

The handsome stranger’s words echoed in your mind. After rescuing you from nearly being killed by members of a shady organization known as Vanitas, he vanished leaving you with these cryptic words. Who was he? And what was the motive behind your attackers? They seemed to possess supernatural abilities. You and your attackers are taken to the police for questioning. But these aren’t like any officers you’ve ever seen. They all begin demonstrating superhuman abilities too! They inform you that they are part of an elite division of superhuman investigators known as the Covert Atypical Tactics Team (CAT). During your encounter with CAT, you learn not only of the secret world of these so-called “ability users,” but also that you’re an ability user as well. As if compelled by the stranger’s words, you decide to join this secret branch of the Police Force. But it won’t be easy! You’ve got a lot to learn, and Vanitas is still after you. Can you learn to harness your special ability and bring this criminal organization to justice?

Quick-tempered but kind at heart, Leon is assigned to show you the ropes when you join CAT. He trains and watches over you strictly but also knows how to have fun. He’ll do whatever it takes to protect you using his teleportation powers to get you out of a tight spot. Could there be something deeper behind his protectiveness?

The workaholic leader of CAT, Jack recruits you to join CAT when he sees your potential. While his stoic behavior makes him hard to read, his telepathic powers enable him to read the minds of others. He cares deeply for his team, but what could this telepath be hiding behind that poker face?

There’s never a dull moment when this playful smart aleck is around. While Mika’s light-hearted, carefree demeanor may make him appear unreliable, CAT depends on his healing powers when the going gets tough. Mika seems to take an immediate interest in you. Can there be more to this flirtatious rascal than meets the eye?

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Apk name : Fateful Forces:Romance you choose
Mod Apk Version : 2.0.1
System Requirements : Android 4.1+
Install : 10,000+
Playstore Rating :
Latest Update : 2020-02-27

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