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The latest story of our popular series, ‘Gabriel & 100 Year Treasure’ is now on release!

The popular characters from the Lady Wizard series appear in this story!
The Vampire, the Angel, and Death too!!
This is the story to put pieces into a puzzle.

Akane, a boy who has a special ability, was tidying up in the storehouse in the shrine and found a mysterious box.
There was an antique flower object in the box.
When he touched it, the flash covered him…
And then a small girl suddenly appeared in front of him.
She had a pair of wings on her back and a halo above her head.
Is she… an angel?

The palm size fantasy is presented by Lady Wizard.
Please enjoy the story until you reveal the true ending!



– Akane Sakaki
The main character of the story.
He has a special ability to see Yokai monsters and gods a little.
“When he was little, he could see them more often.
However, the more he grows, the weaker his ability gets.”
He often spends time in the Sakaki Higashi Shinto shrine where his grandfather acts as a chief priest.
He’s concerned about his future dream.

– Lily
The heroine of the story.
She is a little angel who appeared from the antique box in the storehouse in the shrine.
Lily mentioned that she met Akane around 100 years ago.

– Sakura Tokiwa
A great-granddaughter of Harue. She is also distantly related to Akane.
After finding the memento of her grandmother, she got involved in an odd incident.
She is also the heroine of the series, ‘100 Years Love with a Vampire’ and ‘Michael‘s hundred year secret’.

– Harue Sakaki
A great-grandmother of Akane.
She was called a legend Miko maiden and she was the chief priest of the Sakaki Shrine.
She is also the heroine of the series, ‘Vampire & Miko 100 Year Promise’.

– Gerald
A Vampire who has relationships with Harue and Sakura.
He is also the main character in the series, ‘100 Years Love with a Vampire’ and ‘Vampire & Miko 100 Year Promise’.

– Mikoto Orikawa
A classmate of Akane.
Although he looks like a normal boy,
He is actually Death who can lead ghosts to the afterlife.
He is the main character of the series, ‘I am Death’ and ‘The Valkyrie and Death’.

– Aya Asobe
Akane’s friend.
She often visits to worship in the Sakaki Higashi Shinto Shrine.
She has an ability to personalize her important things and talk to them.
She is also the heroine of the series,
‘Pierrot’s & Your Circus’ and ‘A Girl and The Little Prince’.



Since I was little,
I’ve been seeing mysterious things.

But, I could feel that my special ability was getting weaker gradually.
I have been thinking that one day, I wouldn’t see them completely when I grow up.

My destiny suddenly changed.

My grandpa asked me to tidy up in the storehouse.
When I went there, I found a mysterious box.

I was expecting that it would be a treasure. But instead, I found a flower object in the box.
“Is this an antique artwork…?”

When I touched the flower object, suddenly the flashy light covered me.
…when it stopped emitting light and I regained my sight… there was something in front of me.

…what is this small thing?

Oh wait.

…is this a girl?

The girl opened her mouth.

“Where is here?
Who am I?”

Well, this was exactly what I wanted to ask you.


[Note: 1]

This story is a sequel of the following stories:

“100 Years Love With a Vampire”
“Vampire & Miko 100 Year Promise”

In addition, in the story, the popular characters appear from the following stories:
“Michael‘s hundred year secret”
“I am Death”
“The Valkyrie and Death”
“Pierrot’s & Your Circus”
“A Girl and The Little Prince”

Although you can enjoy playing just this game, you can enjoy this story even more after completing these apps before.

[Note: 2]

The characters, buildings, name of places were created and they don’t exist.
Please just enjoy the fantasy and the modern version.

Improve safety

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