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Once again, the call for freedom upon the galaxies is reaching to you. You are the chosen one to defend the Earth and the entire universe from the attack of the Alien. Ever get tired of shoot ’em up classic arcade action game? If yes, Galaxy Wars: Fighter Force will blow you away. If no, this game will take you to another level of excitement then blow you away too.

Starting with a small, basic spaceship, you venture deep into space to stop the invaders from invade and consume planets. You must travel through the midway of the galaxy and engage the alien as soon as possible before they get any closer to your homeland. From a low-tech aircraft, you will find yourself upgrading your ship, equipment, gun, etc… Of course you will need more powerful gun, shield to fight enemies and bosses and to process to the next level. But this game is not a pay to win game. While you’re playing this game you will earn enough rewards for upgrading you stuff. It will also does not consume much of you time though.

This game feature lots of level, enemies, bosses, aircraft, equipment, skills and booster (of course you will discover more amazing things as you play the game). Sometimes, the bullet-hell styled gameplay can give you a difficult time. But remember, each level has various difficulties to choose from, so use this feature wisely.

Enough of long introduction, lemme show you what make this 2D classic action shooter so special.

⭐️ More than 120 levels including 3 difficulties for all players
⭐️ 16 bosses and various type of enemy
⭐️ 6 type of spaceship with 80 upgrading levels
⭐️ 5 type of satellite for extra damage and protection
⭐️ Each space ship has a skill board with a total of 39 skills
⭐️ Innovating action gameplay from a classic genre
⭐️ Beautifully smooth animations with intense graphical effects
⭐️ Cinematic sound effects and mesmerizing space EDM background music

Enjoy the BIGGEST hit Arcade Action feature mobile game of 2019. We guarantee to bring you one of the most amazing gaming experience on mobile. Please let us hear your opinions as we continue to improve our game. We would like to wish you a good day and please do not hesitate open Galaxy Wars: Fighter Force to enjoy your free time. Free download on Android and always will be!
– Fix Improve performance.

Information of Galaxy Wars – Fighter Force 2020 3.9

Download  3.9 version of  Galaxy Wars – Fighter Force 2020 APK today and start your journey.

Apk name : Galaxy Wars – Fighter Force 2020
Mod Apk Version : 3.9
System Requirements : Android 4.1+
Install : 50,000+
Playstore Rating :
Latest Update : 2020-02-25

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Galaxy Wars – Fighter Force 2020 APK

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