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The game currently has two game modes in which the player must guide a ball(will eventually be some space object with a ball shape [Planet, Asteroid, ETC…]) through a set of rings made up of randomly generated blocks to get to the sun. Upon reaching the next inner ring in both modes the timer will increase and in one mode the outer ring will disappear but in the other mode, it will not. The timer increase and starting timer will be adjusted based on wins and losses so you will be playing against yourself in the current modes. This is a solo built application mainly made for fun but I have many ideas for future expansions and even customized levels instead of only having randomly created levels as well as more brick types and harder modes. Despite having additional plans for the app I am releasing the app with only two modes featuring randomly created levels just for fun and I will update the app as I make new modes and further bricks before creating customized levels when I am satisfied with the game’s variety.
Initial Release
2 Modes with randomly generated levels and timers which are adjusted based on wins and loses
Added Privacy Policy
Added Back Button Support in Main Menu

Information of Gravity Wells 1.0.0

Download  1.0.0 version of  Gravity Wells APK today and start your journey.

Apk name : Gravity Wells
Mod Apk Version : 1.0.0
System Requirements : Android 7.0+
Install : 10+
Playstore Rating :
Latest Update : 2020-02-21

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