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9 educational games for children of 3, 4 and 5 years old to lear Spanish. With our application, children will learn the 5 vowels of the Spanish alphabet in a fun way and how they are written both in uppercase and lowercase. They will also learn new Spanish vocabulary, with more than 40 words in which they will have to pay attention to the first letter, what letter does bee start with?

Spanish games for kids:
– Learn vowels: by pressing the vowel, the child hears the letter and watches a video that shows how each letter is written
– Learn Spanish vocabulary: more than 40 fun drawings that represent objects or concepts, accompanied by the written word and a photograph, which helps children to work on abstraction and language comprehension
– Where is the A? The vowels are shown and the children have to pay attention to the question and choose the correct vowel.
– Where is the bee? In these phases, different options are shown and the boys and girls must be attentive to the question and choose the appropriate drawing.
– What letter is missing? the image is shown and a word with the first letter missing, the children must press the correct vowel to complete the word.
– What word starts with A? Different images are shown and you have to choose the one that begins with the vowel that is being displayed.
– Order by the vowel that begins: two vowels are shown and the words must be ordered according to the vowel that begins
– Memory: a fun game to stimulate visual memory.
– Vowel strokes for children: learn to write vowels in a fun way and with beautiful strokes. A pencil will help you discover the next stroke.

Our game speaks clearly to children, which allows them to learn new vocabulary in a very simple way and follow the instructions.

Our application has different configuration options: vocabulary difficulty, music playback and button lock, which allows you to adapt the game to the child’s needs. The images are accompanied by the words written in capital letters, to favor the learning of Spanish words by the global reading method or global route.

Ad-free game for kids: Our educational games for kids are ad-free, to allow children to enjoy without ads.

Age: the game is suitable for children of 3, 4, 5 and 6 years old.

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Apk name : Learning vowels for kids
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System Requirements : Android 4.4+
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Latest Update : 2021-11-06

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