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In order to get feedback on how students are finding the content and delivery of their lectures, teachers capture feedback before the end of term, so as to make changes to the style and delivery of the content. This leads to significant increase in student satisfaction.

This application consists of a very simple feature of capturing student feedback. It contains a field to input the email address of the lecturer and three further text boxes that will enable students to input their feedback: ‘stop doing’, ‘start doing’ and ‘continue doing’. It is envisaged that the simplicity and ease of use, coupled with the anonymity of the sender will enable and encourage users to send candid feedback to teachers. This will contribute towards improvement in delivery, style and content. As opposed to capturing feedback along the same lines by using traditional ‘pen and paper ‘methods, this free application will make it very convenient for students to give instant and anonymous feedback. The application will not be specific to any university, organisation or subject and has been designed in such a way that it can be used anywhere and anytime, across all areas irrespective of the field of study.

The key element in its design lies in its simplicity, convenience and ease of use. The app comes with complete anonymity as there are no requirements to register or log on and neither does it require any other details of the sender to be entered before sending the feedback. From the teachers’ perspective, it will help them capture feedback without having to go through the trouble of designing, printing, distributing, collecting and storing feedback forms. Once an announcement is made to send them feedback, teachers can find the messages in their inbox by the time they reach their office.

It has been designed by academics with many years of experience in pedagogical practice and it was felt that the increasing use of smartphones by students in classrooms at all levels can be effectively harnessed to capture instant, anonymous and candid feedback. The design is based on an established, successful and widely used theoretical model of pedagogical practice that aids in teaching and learning.

It will be free to use with no intrusive ads and given that it is not ‘branded’ with any specific institution or country, it will find wide global appeal.

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