Mouse Family Life Simulator 2020 1.0 MOD APK For IOS & ANDROID

Download Mouse Family Life Simulator 2020 1.0 MOD APK

Mouse hunt and mouse trap is common in human life for stray mouse & mice. Just imagine you are a wild mouse in this mouse hunt game, but you are not alone in this rat simulator game like other mouse games. You have a complete mouse family & just have to spent your life with full of trouble. Mouse traps are everywhere around you for mouse game simulator.

Challenging missions are waiting ahead for you to enjoy mouse family life simulator of wild mouse & rat in this mouse game. You have to find the food in human town for you, for your mice, for your family & for your baby mouse in this mouse game. Beware of mouse trap and other mouse hunt strategies people have made for you to destroy your family life simulator. This rat simulator game will give you the craze of fun mouse in the manner that how wild mouse save their lives. How they found their food & how they handle their life in troubles of being trapped in mouse trap or hunt by any predator loves to eat mouse.

Mouse family simulator game have some dangerous missions, some predators like snake wants to eat you and your mouse family. Stay safe from these predators and run away, collect your food in forest and take it to your mouse home. Eat and enjoy your mouse food in mouse game simulator…

Move outside and get the material for your rat home, build your family life like not in other mouse games. In this process you have to save yourself and your life in challenging family simulator mouse game.

Feature of Mouse Family life simulator Game:

– Outstanding challenging levels to have fun mouse life.
– Stunning Environment for a great gameplay.
– Crunchy sound effects with wild rat moments.

Let’s challenge yourself to be a mouse and spend a life full of difficulties and challenges.

Information of Mouse Family Life Simulator 2020 1.0

Download  1.0 version of  Mouse Family Life Simulator 2020 APK today and start your journey.

Apk name : Mouse Family Life Simulator 2020
Mod Apk Version : 1.0
System Requirements : Android 4.4+
Install : 100+
Playstore Rating :
Latest Update : 2020-02-25

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Mouse Family Life Simulator 2020 APK

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