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The girls from a game you’re playing come to life and want to be YOUR girlfriend!


Find your perfect anime girlfriend in this unique bishoujo game from Genius Studio Japan!

Social interactions have never been your favorite part of life, but you’ve always found joy in playing through dating sims. One day, you receive a mysterious package in the mail that contains a game that you don’t remember ordering. You start it up and it allows you to create the girls of your dreams, but as soon as you complete the character creation, the game shuts off! Confused, you suddenly hear knocking at the door. You open it to find… The girls you’ve just created?!

It looks like your dating sim has come true because each one of these girls wants to be your girlfriend! But according to the manual of the game, you can only choose one and you have to do everything you can to maximize their “like gauge.” You begin to live with the three girls with the goal of eventually dating one of them, but everything almost seems too good to be true…

What secrets could these three dream girls hold…?


The Caring Girl – Leila
Leila acts as the leader of the three girls and is almost like an older sister. She cares deeply for you and wants to help you break out of your shell. She seems to have a strong interest in music, but can’t quite explain why. Will she be the one for you?

The Tsundere Girl – Claire
Claire is energetic and more than a little feisty, but she uses this facade to hide a more delicate side of herself. Though she sees the other two as her rivals, she sees them as good friends at the same time. Does this girl sound like your type?

The Easygoing Girl – Mikan
Mikan likes to take things at her own pace and can seen a little unaware of the situation at times. It’s hard to figure out what she’s actually thinking and she’s actually a lot more sharp-witted than she might seem. What could her secret be?
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Apk name : My Video Game Girlfriend
Mod Apk Version : 2.0.1
System Requirements : Android 4.1+
Install : 10,000+
Playstore Rating :
Latest Update : 2020-02-24

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