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Absorb orbs to grow! Discover new types of orbs as you solve a variety of puzzles. Become the largest orb of all.

No ads ever. First 10 levels are free, unlock all levels through a single in-app purchase.

Featuring gorgeous orb graphics, Orbus is a 2d physics-based arcade game. Guide your orb through a variety of puzzles and challenges by tilting your device. Run into smaller orbs to absorb them. However, some enemies like shards and lasers will fight back! Grow large to win and smash through the level. Keep a sharp eye out to discover all the secrets Orbus has to offer.

Orbus starts easy, but rapidly grows more challenging. Larger enemies will absorb you! Also, you can become trapped if you grow too large for an area. Some levels feature switches that open up new parts of the level, or gravity fields that push you around. If you have trouble beating a level, you can take a break by switching to an easier column of levels. Levels are grouped in columns that can be worked on independently. Earn achievements by completing levels quickly.
– Fixes some areas not being covered by crash reporting.
– Fixes sound effects not playing on a few iOS devices.
– Other minor bugfixes.

Information of Orbus 1.3.1

Download  1.3.1 version of  Orbus APK today and start your journey.

Apk name : Orbus
Mod Apk Version : 1.3.1
System Requirements : Android 7.0+
Install : 50+
Playstore Rating :
Latest Update : 2020-02-21

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