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Puzzle and Memory for kids is a free game for childrens with monsters that contains two games: puzzle and memory.
Both games (puzzle and memory) have three difficulty levels to adapt the game to the child’s age .
They are designed to entertain kids with colorful drawings of monsters that will delight the children.
In the puzzle game, children have to fit the pieces into position to fill the screen. Once completed will play again with another drawing.
It’s easy to play! Simply the child will have to drag the pieces of the left side of the screen and place them in the guide displayed on the right side. When the child hits the correct place an animation and sound appears ( the sound can be disabled in the options ) to identify that has done it successfully. Once you place all the pieces in the right place will get plenty of cheers and applauses. This game favors its spatial vision.
In the Easy level the puzzle has four pieces, the normal has nine and hard has sixteen.

The memory game shows several cards face down and the child will flip them by pressing, if two cards match will receive an animation and sound ( the sound can be disabled in the options ) to identify that has found the right partner, if not the cards flips again after a while so you have time to memorize the drawing.
The next time you see the same picture on another card will know where you have to go find the couple. This helps your memory and concentration.
The easy level has four cards, namely two pairs. The normal has six, three couples and the hard has eight cards, four couples.

The parent has the ability to enable or disable the sound and vibration in the game from the options menu. It is also possible to hinder the closing of the application. Once activated this option will have to double tap the “back” button on your phone to display the exit menu. Then is more complicated for the child to accidentally close the game.

Hope you enjoy it and if you find any problems or you miss something please contact us. We will do all we can to make a game that offers a lot of fun to your children.
– 1.1.3 –
✩ Just bugfixing this time.
Thanks for submitting errors.

– 1.1.1 –
✩ Two new monsters! One red and other yellow.
✩ Reduced the size of the application.
✩ Added possibility to move the application to the SD card (Android 2.2 or higher).
✩ In the puzzle now the monsters come out at random.

We hope you like the changes!

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