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Excited about playing space games? Imagine being a part of a space mission where you are terraforming Mars in an interstellar space shuttle.
Star Way: Hubble Space Team Adventure is an amazing space challenge mission puzzle where you are a part of the hubble spaceteam. Star Way Space Mission Challenge is a fast-paced, interstellar space puzzle game with a unique arcade grappling movement.
In the Star Way Game, you are a tiny astronaut – a member of a great spaceteam, whose entire future depends on restoring all of his potato chips, which were accidentally scattered across space. Carrying out his space puzzle, the space mission team player has to avoid many different obstacles he encounters (such as bombs and asteroids) – and it is going to be pretty hard. The space mission game includes a fun, arcade grappling movement system – you need to stay within the space wormhole at all costs! In addition to collecting potato chips, try to collect as many bonus stars. With these bonus stars you can buy new spaceteam characters with various special space super-powers. All spaceteam members are available for the in-game stars currency! In addition to the main, arcade space puzzle level-based grappling game mode, in the future you’ll be able to try your hand in an endless mode, competing with other players for the first place on the world-wide hubble leaderboard! This is going to be pretty intense!

🚀 Beautiful Game Graphics in Space
🚀 Fun Space Team Characters to play with
🚀 Collect potato chips & bonuses
🚀 Buy other space team characters & super-powers using bonuses
🚀 Multiple Game Levels with increasing difficulty
🚀 Simple Game Controls to get started

General Smallstep, a hubble lab spaceteam member, was on a mission whose main goal was terraforming mars, dealing with what he loved the most – eating potato chips in the cockpit of his interstellar space shuttle (After all, terraforming mars can wait) , when all of a sudden a terrible accident happened, changing his future forever! One of the potato chips fell out of his hand and pressed the big red button with the word “Trash” engraved on it. After the button was pressed, the cabin door of his shuttle opened, sucking the hubble lab spaceteam member and his valuable potato chips out of the shuttle, spilling them to distant corners of space. The future of his mission of terraforming mars was endangered! However, the hubble general turned out to be too brave to give up – he decided to collect all the scattered potato chips to the distant corners of the space!

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Apk name : Star Way: Hubble Space Team Adventure
Mod Apk Version : 1
System Requirements : Android 4.1+
Install : 1,000+
Playstore Rating :
Latest Update : 2020-02-23

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