Strike Fighters Modern Combat 3.7.1 UNLIMITED APK For Cellphone

Download Strike Fighters Modern Combat 3.7.1 MOD APK

Dominate the skies! Modern jet fighters air combat game on the go!

Use your phone’s tilt sensor to fly modern jet fighters and engage in epic aerial battles! Shoot down enemy air force in deadly dogfights! Dodge enemy surface-to-air missiles and lethal air defense units! Hunt down and destroy enemy ground forces using precision guided weapons!

* Straight to action air combat flight game!
* Easy controls using accelerometer (tilt sensor)!
* No cockpit view, no complex controls to learn!
* Random mission generator for infinite replayability!
* Different mission types including air-to-air and air-to-ground missions!
* Level up and earn more credits to unlock more advanced airplanes!
* Become an Ace pilot! See how you rank against your friends on Google Play Games!
* In-app purchases for optional features (mission setup and custom loadout screens)!
* Unlock over 300+ combat aircraft from 42 countries! (with in-app purchases)
* Fly over 17 global hot spots, from Europe, Middle East to Asia! (with in-app purchases)
* BONUS: Desert Storm 1991 US aircraft and squadrons! (in-app purchases)

This app contains advertising and social sharing through Google Play Games. If you have any interest in aviation, download Strike Fighters Modern Combat now!
* Heavy Bombers Pack 1 adds US heavy bombers.

Information of Strike Fighters Modern Combat 3.7.1

Download  3.7.1 version of  Strike Fighters Modern Combat APK today and start your journey.

Apk name : Strike Fighters Modern Combat
Mod Apk Version : 3.7.1
System Requirements : Android 4.4+
Install : 100,000+
Playstore Rating : 9.8
Latest Update : 2020-02-24

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Strike Fighters Modern Combat APK

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