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War Plane Flight Simulator Challenge 3D
Ever wanted to fly a C130 in crazy mountains? This is your opportunity to be a war pilot and perform jaw-dropping missions. Test your amazing skills with the latest Warplane Flight Simulator and fly a real C130 in the rugged Mountains. You will have to complete 20 mind-boggling missions to collect points and don’t forget, it’s not that easy, so brace yourself and only stop once you are done with all the missions.Play missions and get coin to unlock the different other planes and Skins.
Let’s see how far you can go.

This flight simulator 3D has 20 exciting missions and with every successful mission, you get points to unlock more crazy things in the game.
Would you be able to complete these missions and get a gold badge in every single mission? Here’s a glimpse of what is your way,

• G-Force preparation – Push your warplane as far as possible by performing fast and crazy maneuvers!

• Low altitude flying – figure out how to remain under your opponent’s radar by flying as low as possible over a terrific landscape. But don’t forget to watch out for those slopes!

• Cliff Challenge – In a crisis you need to take off from your plane. It’s a cliff and you need to be really good at pulling up!

• Avoid Missiles – dodge missiles that come your way and this is going to help you in other missions too.
• Mountain landing – Take off and land safely on a cold mountain top, this is going to test your landing skills.
• Narrow Mountains – Fly through narrow mountains and don’t let your plane hit sideways.

• Covert operations – Reach your destination without getting detected by the enemy.

• Fast landing – It’s always difficult to land on a short runway and this mission is all about your landing skills.

• Impossible course – In this particular mission, you have to land at difficult spots. Timing, accuracy, and skills this is going to be a test.
• Lightning storm – Can you fly your warplane through a dangerous storm? Let’s see. But remember, your payload should stay intact. The warplane flight simulator 3d is getting interesting, no?

• Gliding landing – Can you land with your engine off, this is not going to be easy.

• Urban flight – Find your way through a dense city, you can only complete this mission if you are really good at controlling your plane.

• Hurricane Bertha – The ultimate survival challenge, do your best to make it through.

• Just Above ground – The most difficult mission of warplane Flight simulator 3D, this is where most of the experienced pilots fail, we hope you will complete this crazy mission.

Warplane 3D Flight Simulator Features that set it apart,
Accurate and real flight systems.
Genuine looking C130 that suits the overall environment.
Close to reality weather effects that improve your experience.
Fly C130, with flight physics.
Mind-blowing mountains, hills, city, and landscape.

Information of War Plane Flight Simulator Challenge 3D 1.1

Download  1.1 version of  War Plane Flight Simulator Challenge 3D APK today and start your journey.

Apk name : War Plane Flight Simulator Challenge 3D
Mod Apk Version : 1.1
System Requirements : Android 4.4+
Install : 5,000+
Playstore Rating :
Latest Update : 2020-02-13

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War Plane Flight Simulator Challenge 3D APK

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