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The unknown aircrafts descended from the sky, bringing destruction to the world.The deadly virus they carried spread and almost wiped humanity out, turning most people into carnivorous zombies.As an ex-military expert, our lonely warrior, was separated from his families who were trapped deep inside the city.Taking up the weapons he salvaged from the fallen aircraft, Drill determined to fight his way to his wife and kids’ rescue.

Take full control of Hero, the battlefield-tested veteran, and arm him with different alien weapons.Exploit his expertise to crush the mindless zombies, and fight through locations with an unexpected environment.

Intensified Combat:
A versatile combat system with a huge pool of Perks that supports combinations of Perks. Build your own combat styles against enemies with flexible behaviors.Exploit all the possibilities to crush any foes, from a horde of zombies to a challenging boss fight.

Varied Combat Style:
Choose and improve combat abilities that fit your play style.
From melee hack and slash to remote-controled bombardment, anything can be possible.Combine the combat abilities with your main weapon, and discover new strategies for your adventure!
Added prologue to learn the basic operations and random skill combinations of the game.

Information of Z Hunter 1.0.42

Download  1.0.42 version of  Z Hunter APK today and start your journey.

Apk name : Z Hunter
Mod Apk Version : 1.0.42
System Requirements : Android 4.1+
Install : 100+
Playstore Rating :
Latest Update : 2020-02-22

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